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Injured As A Pedestrian Or Bicyclist In San Antonio? Get Legal Counsel Now.

Going places on foot or by bicycle may be fun, economical and efficient – and dangerous, especially when drivers of cars, trucks and buses do not pay attention. Discovering who was responsible for your accident is the first step to recovering the compensation that you need for medical bills, lost wage replacement, and acknowledgment of your pain and suffering.

If you were injured while walking, jogging or riding a bicycle in the San Antonio area, Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., is a solid choice for your legal representation. Our personal injury lawyers are energetic and determined to get compensation for our clients who have been struck by cars or hurt in other circumstances.

How Did Your Serious Accident Happen? Investigation Is The Key.

Bicyclists and pedestrians are exposed and vulnerable when crashes occur. A detailed investigation can uncover the essential facts of your accident, including:

  • What types of injuries you suffered
  • Why the accident happened
  • Who is responsible to compensate you
  • How you can get your medical bills and other expenses paid

Personal injury law is our passion and profession at Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C. Like many other people, we enjoy walking, running and bicycling in the San Antonio area. Attorney Raúl B. Rodriguez has an extensive sports shoe collection that illustrates his appreciation of athletic activity. We are here to support you after a serious accident.

We are interested in keeping San Antonio safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Your injury claim can help to publicize how important it is for drivers to obey traffic laws that are designed to protect walkers and bicycle riders. If you were injured as a result of sidewalk defects or other hazards, we may help you pursue a premises liability claim.

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Recovery

The physical, emotional and practical aspects of injury recovery should be your focus. Let us be your advocates. If your family member was killed in an accident while walking or bicycling, we can bring a wrongful death claim to assist in your family’s financial recovery.

You will not owe us attorney fees unless we help you recover compensation. Reach us by email or by phone at 210-899-3822 to schedule a free consultation. Hablamos español.