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3 most dangerous intersections in San Antonio

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Auto accidents

As you drive around San Antonio, the town has many sights to see and roads to travel on.

Unfortunately, getting around means dealing with some of the most dangerous intersections in town. Given that city had the highest number of car fatalities in 2020, it makes taking precautions even more important. The three intersections below had more than 300 collisions in 2017.

1. Loop 1604 and Interstate 10

This 95.6-mile Loop 1604 circles San Antonio, creating many opportunities for drivers to get in an accident. As a four-way highway, it has high-traffic volumes and many signs that can easily distract drivers. That increases as the road intersects with I-10 as more traffic starts to merge.

2. Loop 410 and Interstate 10

The meeting of I-10 and Loop 410 also puts drivers at a higher risk for an incident. Also called Interstate 410, it has 49.9 miles of road that continually has heavy traffic. From motorcyclists to big rigs, taking the exit onto I-10 requires diligence as interstate travelers move at high rates of speed.

3. Highway 281 and Stone Oak Parkway

Stone Oak Parkway often pops up on police reports regarding traffic collisions. Those intensify as drivers head south to get on Highway 281. Multiple shops, businesses and restaurants line the parkway, creating a scenario for an accident to happen. When construction time comes around, it amplifies all of the other challenges that drivers face.

Unfortunately, San Antonio has many other intersections that also made it into the top 20 worst ones.