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Is Culebra Road the most dangerous road in San Antonio?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Auto accidents

San Antonio is a city with several dangerous roads, and Culebra Road is often cited as one of them.

With a high volume of traffic, limited visibility, and challenging driving conditions, it’s no wonder why some drivers consider Culebra Road to be the most dangerous road in San Antonio. However, is this actually the case?

The reality of Culebra Road

While Culebra Road does have a high number of accidents, it is not necessarily the most dangerous road in San Antonio. In fact, a recent study found that Interstate 35 is the most dangerous road in the city, with a total of 296 fatal accidents in 2020 alone. Culebra Road, on the other hand, had a total of 43 accidents in 2020, with only one of those being fatal.

Factors contributing to accidents on Culebra Road

Despite not being the most dangerous road in San Antonio, there are still several factors that contribute to the high number of accidents on Culebra Road. For one, the road has several areas with limited visibility, such as blind curves or hills. In addition, there are often heavy volumes of traffic on Culebra Road, especially during peak hours.

Distracted driving is another factor that contributes to accidents on Culebra Road. This can include texting or using a phone while driving, eating or adjusting the radio. Any distraction can increase the risk of an accident on a busy road like Culebra.

By being aware of the factors that contribute to accidents on this road, drivers can take extra precautions to stay safe.