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Get The Compensation You Need After Being Injured At A Construction Site

It should be no secret to residents of the San Antonio area that our city has been experiencing a construction boom. With a population increase of 8% over the past decade, development has followed. Widespread and large-scale building projects have been visible both downtown and in the suburbs. Building projects have included new construction and remodeling of:

  • Mixed-use developments
  • Public-use projects
  • Industrial facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail and office space
  • Historic structures for repurposing uses

You may have felt lucky to have a well-paid construction job. But after you were injured at a construction site, you are now facing a long recovery. If you lost a family member, your losses are no doubt financial as well as emotional ones. No matter whether you were just injured or your loved one died in a construction accident, please take our advice: Get legal counsel right away.

At Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., we can help ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to maximize your compensation.

Learn What You Need To Know To Achieve An Effective Recovery

A knowledgeable, hard-working lawyer can advise you of your rights after you have suffered injuries in:

  • A fall involving a ladder, scaffold, cherry-picker lift, building site high off the ground, excavation or cave-in incident
  • A trip-and-fall accident in an area with much debris
  • A crush injury involving heavy and/or fast-moving machinery
  • An explosion resulting in burns
  • An amputation or another serious injury involving power tools

Your human resources department or other advisers may recommend that you file a workers’ compensation claim. Death benefits may also be available through workers’ compensation for surviving close family members. This can be good news, but please don’t make the mistake of believing, without an investigation, that workers’ compensation is all the financial help you qualify for.

You cannot normally sue your hiring company after a construction accident, but there may be another path to full compensation. If a negligent party other than your employer was responsible for the accident, you may have a strong third-party claim. Many people qualify for third-party liability claims against:

  • Subcontractors
  • Drivers of vehicles at or near your worksite
  • Delivery service companies
  • Manufacturers of equipment, tools and materials
  • Inspectors, installers, repair personnel and other service providers
  • Property owners

That’s where our attorneys come in. Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., has provided the legal services that many San Antonio construction workers have needed. We are eager to explain how we can help you, too.

Get A No-Obligation Case Evaluation

Our construction law attorneys are ready to review your case. We will determine whether you can bring a third-party liability claim or lawsuit after your construction accident.

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