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Dog Bites Are A Problem In San Antonio

A dog bite is not a minor injury. Dogs can and do carry dangerous bacteria that can seriously endanger your health. Some dog attacks are especially vicious, leading to devastating cosmetic damage and often life-threatening injuries. In Texas, dog owners are responsible for their dogs, and that means if a dog attacks you or someone you love, you can pursue compensation.

At Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., we’re local attorneys in San Antonio, and we have seen how dog bite cases have gone up in recent years. We’re aggressive and dedicated to pursuing outcomes for our clients in any personal injury case. When it comes to dog bites, there are many complexities that you need to understand, and we are here to help.

Complications For Pursuing Compensation

We will say it again: dog bites are not simple issues. They are complicated legal and personal problems with major challenges caused by:

  • Stray dogs: Who is at fault if the dog doesn’t have an owner?
  • Insurance: Insurance companies can be dismissive, and in some cases, homeowners may not have insurance.
  • Neighbor dynamics: To get compensation for a dog bite, you may have to file a lawsuit against a neighbor or close friend.

These matters make pursuing compensation difficult and frustrating but not impossible. In fact, with the right legal team on your side, getting the money you need to pay your hospital bills will be much simpler.

New Rules For San Antonio Dog Attacks

As more people move to the area, more dogs end up moving in as well. However, the space for those dogs is limited, and there may not be enough dog parks to meet their needs. The city has begun to take notice of the dramatic rise of dog attack injuries and is taking some steps to curb it. There are legislative efforts to pass ordinances to address pet owners’ responsibility.

However, that still leaves many issues unaddressed, and that leads to many difficult situations.

We Don’t Back Down From Any Fight

If someone’s dog injures you, you deserve compensation. You deserve to hold the owner accountable. We will help you. Our lawyers will answer your questions and build a strategy with you, starting with your free consultation. Call 210-899-3822 or send an email to get started.