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Legal Advocacy After An Injury On The Job

After you have suffered an injury at work, you may believe that workers’ compensation is your path to relief. This may be true, but it may not be enough — and it may not be your own way to achieve financial recovery. If someone who was not your employer caused your injury, you may have a third-party liability claim against that person or company.

At Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., we aggressively investigate our clients’ workplace accidents. Our attorneys and staff carefully review the evidence and consider all possible causes. Once we determine who, besides an employer, caused or contributed to a work injury, we go after the negligent party. We are not satisfied until we have pursued all sources of compensation.

Varieties Of Work Injuries

Some workplace accidents are immediate and serious or catastrophic. Examples include:

  • Falls, burns and disfiguring accidents involving power tools at construction sites
  • Blunt-force injuries occurring in crashes in jobs that require driving and working around moving vehicles
  • Head, neck and shoulder injuries caused by falling merchandise or materials in warehouses, and other storage and stocking areas

Other workplace injuries are cumulative and occur over time with toxic exposure, repetitive motion or stress and strain. Examples include:

  • Respiratory ailments affecting welders, painters, auto mechanics and others who breathe in hazardous substances on the job
  • Back strain affecting health care workers
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome affecting factory workers and others who use their hands and wrists intensively at work

Some job-related accidents are caused by violent actions by others in the workplace. Examples include trauma to teachers, health care workers and jail attendants inflicted by students, patients or inmates. Were inadequate security measures to blame? Discovering whose mistakes allowed violence to harm someone is a vital part of our law practice at Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C.

We will not back down when representing people in and beyond the San Antonio area, no matter how they were injured in their workplaces.

Our Firm’s Commitment To You After A Workplace Accident

We understand how difficult it can be to try to get back to normal after suffering injuries on the job. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping you recover financially while you focus on your physical recovery. Initial consultations are free. If we represent you, you will not owe attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you.

Schedule a discussion about your case with a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio. Call Raúl B. Rodriguez Law, P.C., at 210-899-3822 or send a message. We will respond quickly. Hablamos español.