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Common causes of oilfield accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Oil field accidents

Jobs in oilfields are essential labor that provides a product that keeps the country operating. However, competitive pay and job security come with inherent hazards.

A slight mistake on an oilfield can lead to severe injury or death. Oilfield workers can consider the following causes of accidents to avoid unnecessary harm.

Worker fatigue

Most people maintain busy schedules that involve caring for family responsibilities and other necessities. Oilfield workers often have to do so in addition to spending long hours performing high-pressure assignments. Because of the chemicals and equipment, laborers must work around the clock in the oil and gas industry. An overworked individual could make a mistake in drilling, maintenance or tapping that could cause an explosion or other accident.

Negligence and haste

To meet deadlines or boost profits, some companies may turn a blind eye to poor working conditions. Regulations are in place to keep workers safe. Taking one’s time and obeying guidelines can prevent a terrible incident when following shutdown procedures or other safety protocols.

Defective equipment

No industry produces perfect equipment every time. Workers and supervisors should ensure that machinery operates appropriately. A flaw could cause a fire, electrocution, blowout or chemical leaks that lead to fatal inhalations. Adequate maintenance is necessary to keep equipment running smoothly and safely.

Lack of training or experience

A mistake can easily occur if a worker is on an assignment without sufficient training. Supervisors must ensure the right person is on the job with the requisite knowledge. Trained workers can more quickly identify problems before they become dangerous.

Oilfield workers deserve to earn a living in secure conditions that allow them to return home safely after a hard day. Awareness of one’s surroundings and attention to procedures can help oilfield workers stay safe.