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Are deadly crashes in San Antonio on the rise?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Auto accidents

Despite fewer cars on the road since 2020, the number of fatal crashes has increased. This unexpected pattern has affected communities across the country, including San Antonio.

It is important to understand the factors contributing to this rise in deadly crashes as well as potential solutions.

Track the rise in crashes

Data from local law enforcement and the National Highway Safety Administration highlight an alarming trend. The number of fatal crashes in San Antonio during the first nine months of the year reached a recorded high of 205. At the same time, deadly crashes nationwide have been on the rise since 2020. This upsurge has prompted authorities to deem the situation a crisis that demands immediate action.

Understand the reasons

The rise in fatal accidents is a multifaceted phenomenon with many causes. Reckless conduct, such as speeding and impaired driving, has become more prevalent in recent years. Distractions like texting and mobile phones have also contributed to hazardous behaviors on the road. Pedestrians who wear dark colors and do not use crosswalks may be more likely to encounter vehicular crashes as well.

Take steps toward solutions

A concerted effort from various sectors of society can help solve this crisis. Law enforcement agencies, local governments and individual citizens must work together to reduce the frequency of deadly crashes. Public awareness campaigns and education initiatives can play a role in promoting responsible behavior. During events like Fiesta, planning ahead and using ridesharing services may help prevent accidents. It is also important to enforce traffic laws consistently and discourage dangerous behaviors on the road.

Rising rates of fatal crashes have tragic consequences for communities like San Antonio. By studying the root causes, drivers can take targeted actions to mitigate the risks and promote safer habits on the road.