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How distracted are San Antonio drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2024 | Auto accidents

The recent rise of distracted driving has been dangerous for road users across the country. However, congestion and infrastructure issues can compound these problems in a growing community like Bexar Country, leading to increased injuries and even fatalities.

Distracted driver crash data for Texas counties demonstrates the risks that residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas face.

Accident rates across Texas

In 2022, Bexar County experienced the highest number of distracted driver incidents in the state of Texas, recording 19,085 crashes and 62 fatal crashes. This figure surpasses that of Dallas County, which had a total of 7,019 crashes, and even Harris County, with 11,496 crashes. Tarrant and Travis counties also reported lower numbers, with 6,988 and 5,421 total crashes, respectively. The higher accident rate in Bexar County reflects congestion issues in the San Antonio area as well as an overall rise in distracted driving.

Injuries and fatalities in Bexar County

Traffic accidents range widely in severity, from minor fender benders to accidents resulting in fatalities. Here in Bexar County, distracted driving incidents led to 69 deaths, underscoring the tragic outcomes that can result from motor vehicle accidents. Also, 259 suspected serious injury crashes affected 303 people. Another 3,042 people experienced minor injuries and harm in 2,277 distracted driver crashes. Possible injuries affected 4,475 individuals involved in 2,808 collisions. Finally, there were 12,338 distracted driver incidents involving no injuries.

Distracted driving’s impact

Distractions can be dangerous for drivers and other road users. Common forms of distracted driving include:

  • talking or texting on your phone
  • eating and drinking behind the wheel
  • talking to people in your vehicle
  • fiddling with the stereo
  • using a navigation system

Essentially, anything that takes your hands, eyes or mental attention from the task of safe driving can be a risky distraction. In populous areas of Bexar County, a momentary lapse in attention can have severe consequences.

By prioritizing attention to the road and advocating for improvements in local infrastructure and road conditions, residents of Bexar County can help reduce the number of accidents. Additionally, supporting local policies and initiatives aimed at improving road safety can contribute to a safer environment for everyone.