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What do Texas truck accident statistics tell us?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Auto accidents

The number of commercial trucks on Texas roads increases often, resulting in more accidents that cause injuries and fatalities.

Texas policymakers passed a law that required forward-facing cameras in commercial trucks. The result is more data on bad driving habits and a better understanding of what causes truck accidents in Texas.

The top causes of truck accidents in Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation reported 5,620 truck accidents for 2022. Of those accidents, fatigued drivers were the most common cause. A problem in the trucking industry is the push for drivers to meet hard deadlines that may incentivize driving while drowsy.

Other common causes include distracted driving, excessive speeding and improperly loaded cargo. These dangerous actions, along with contributing factors, such as inclement weather, risky driving and substance use, create hazardous conditions for other drivers.

Correlation between congestion and truck accidents

Reports also show a direct and unsurprising correlation between Texas roads becoming increasingly congested and traffic accidents. New safety precautions, such as improved communication technology for drivers and better infrastructure for commercial vehicles, should help improve these problems.

The most dangerous Texas roads

The three most dangerous roads in Texas are International Boulevard, Interstate 10 and U.S. Route 83. These highways have routinely heavy traffic with a large volume of commercial trucks, especially Interstate 10. Interstate 45 also reports many traffic accidents due to its proximity to heavily populated suburbs.

With increasing reports of semi-truck accidents, more people should know that they can access compensation for their losses through Texas civil court.